Thursday, December 2, 2010

Psychic Observation: Are You Being Treated the Way You'd Like to be Treated?

Psychic Observation: Are You Being Treated the Way You’d Like to be Treated?

Relationships can be tricky. Here's a psychic peek at what actions we might take when we suspect that we are being mistreated and asking ourselves these questions:

Is it me, the other or both who needs correction?

Is (s)he treating me right?

Do I play victim in my relationship?

Do I stay or go when I think abuse is occurring?

I am a follower of the I-Ching (the Chinese Book of Changes). The I-Ching advises that when we find ourselves in a position of little influence and the persons with whom we must deal pay us too little regard and there seems to be no adequate way to deal with the situation, we are tempted to give up.

Each time we face a problem of this sort, we can allow things to work out, we can force our opinions and actions on others, or we can abandon the problem altogether.

If we allow matters to work out, we have an opportunity to learn lessons and influence others through the power of our inner truth.

If we force matters, we may compromise our self-esteem because others may conform for a short time but not really have a change of heart that is needed.

If we choose to abandon the problem altogether, more than likely we will see a similar set of circumstances return again in order for us to make a better choice.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Less Psychic Stress as a Gift for the Holidays

Less Psychic Stress as a Gift for the Holidays

At a time when folks could be laying back to enjoy the coming Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s season, most of what I find is people who are stressed--and they probably don't need a psychic reading to let them know they are stressed!

Where is preparing the heart to welcome relatives and friends? Where has the season of joy gone that presages new beginnings of the coming year?

Perhaps we need to be in receiver mode like when we were young and we weren’t responsible for making the lists and checking them twice.

Here are some things I am keeping in mind to help me be not only sane, but happy during these holidays:

I feel good about myself when I include exercise, prayer/meditation and nutritious food each day. My body loves me for this self-discipline and my self-worth meter scores big time for these activities.

When I keep present in the moment I am not worrying about all the lists that follow the one I am focusing on today. Sometimes I restrict myself to simply watching what I am doing in order to bring myself back to present moment.

It’s easy for me to think of others’ needs; I do even better when I think of my own needs. There is a little girl inside of me that needs attention too.

As I mentioned before, my own happiness is very important. It is also contagious—when I am happy, those around me are affected in a positive way.

Less stress and more play is the order of my day. How about you?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Is It Real or Is It My Ego? Psychic Experience

Here’s my view of psychic inner transformation:

Many times in the course of everyday life I choose to give up ego and instead go with intuition. This turning inward to listen to spirit has become my way of life.

I can usually tell when I am out of balance—something hurts! Most of the time it starts as a belief, goes into a thought, becomes an emotion—and then I have to deal with it.

Feelings can settle in my body as a heaviness. The heaviness is so obvious that until I can release it, I am constantly aware of it.

Perhaps it is an old belief that causes the thought that causes the emotion and then settles in my body. That old belief is the thing that needs to be examined. My self-examination is like bringing light to the darkness, like bringing oxygen to a place that can’t freely breathe.

I have become accustom to giving up old psychic patterns, but it still takes intentional effort to open and then to clear.

I’d like to think that this experience that I have so frequently is familiar territory to many of us, but I don’t know until I share my process.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Do I Describe Myself? A Psychic View

How Do I Describe Myself? A Psychic View

Do you ever get caught in describing your life in ways that limit you?

As I was doing a morning meditation, I felt once again that place inside of me that goes into fear--a clutching, survival-oriented place. I am familiar its origins. When I was an infant of about three months old, I began to die because of lack of care and human touch.

So today I went, once again, to comfort the small child within. From there I went into calling myself by my childhood name, and reviewed many incidents from early years.

Where did that lead me? It led me into feelings of defeat and failure--like a dead end road. I was naming all sorts of situations according to their appearance from an outside camera-type of view, even though I could not know all of the mysteries and motivations behind the scenes.

In healing from that journey it is like giving myself my own psychic reading--I realized once again that the ego weighs, measures and calculates according to patterns to be victimized, to be right, to have excuses, to project onto others. Perhaps you too are familiar with your particular patterns.

As I chose to look at life from my Spirit Self, I could see my life in a time-line where this performance of life is for my own God self to experience moment by moment realization where there is no right and wrong, but only Being in Oneness. From that overview, I know that eventually all illusions of life disappear into the great depths of the eternal om.

Limitation in this sense means hanging on to whatever way I decide to tell my story, and as I label my life, I limit my Now Moment.

I know that I wasn't created to be a spirit of fear, but an indomitable spirit of love--ever expanding love--which reflects the glory of Creation.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uh oh! Here Comes Radical Change--A Psychic Observation

Uh oh! Here Comes Radical Change—A Psychic Observation

Change can come and bite us in the butt! One moment we can be living a somewhat reliable, predictable life, and the next moment there may be BIG change. Not an every day change—a fresh wrinkle, a change of style, a new client—but a significant change that involves one or all of the big three:
  • relationship,
  • money, or
  • health.

When this kind of change happens it feels like a threat to our life existence.

Neal Donald Walsh, writer and philosopher, defines change this way:

“Change is the shifting of any circumstance, situation or condition, physical or nonphysical, in such a way that the original is rendered not merely different from what it was, but altered so radically as to make it utterly unrecognizable and impossible to return to anything resembling its former state.”

As a psychic and spiritual counselor, I connect every day with people undergoing radical change. Here are a few of the things I observe:

Those who have unfaltering faith in a Higher Power or Life Itself seem lifted up and have joy no matter the circumstances.

Those who live with their desired outcome in mind are following their own creative path and feel empowered even if things are rough.

Those who dig in and change their emotions, thoughts and even their cherished truths in order to be healed become wise and master of their own life.

There is no one “right” way to get through change. Instead, there are as many ways to change as there are people.

So if you are going through change now, look to Higher Power for faith, keep your desired outcome in mind and be willing to do whatever it takes to heal body, mind and spirit. YOU are worth it!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Psychic Flow in Time

A Psychic Flow in Time

I love this quote from the I-Ching*:

"To flow with time,
to accept life modestly as it comes,
to seek only to be sincere in one's way of life and true to oneself--
this is the way of the Tao."

I feel a certain grace when I am willing to take life as it comes to me.

And for me to be without resistance and argument to the way things obviously are playing out, means that I am in a psychic attitude of joyful expectancy.

That doesn't happen all the time.

When I am in resistance it feels crazy--like arguing with reality--and that equates to suffering. The kind of suffering that I can feel in my body when I feel stuck on my ideas of what "should be" rather than what is.

As I let go in this day to exactly what is in my world, it feels expansive--like letting go into the bigness of creative life.

May we be blessed with trust in this particular now moment!

*From "A Guide to the I Ching" by Carol Anthony

Thursday, July 29, 2010

ENERGY HEALING: Learning to Heal

ENERGY HEALING: Learning to Heal

There may be an accident that occurs in your presence, or a baby who is sick, or a part of your body that is in pain.

What can you do both immediately and continuously?

Psychic Energy Healing.

It may seem mysterious at first, but when you open to the idea that we are composed of pure energy, it may make more sense.

In a very practical way, energy healing is the most powerful healing method because of that same reason--we are composed of pure energy.

Here is how you go about using energy to heal:

  • Intention with your feelings and your will that God's universal life force energy flow through you into the person or situation that you envision.
  • If you are in a position where you can use your hands to direct energy, simply put your hands on your own body or someone else's body where healing is needed, and use your intention to allow the creative force of energy to heal.

From this simple method a powerful force is put into effect, and that force is healing love. Love is the force that heals, and by using your intention, you can direct it to whatever situation or person you choose.

There is a wonderful by-product of allowing this healing energy to flow through you for someone else's benefit--you are energized and healed also!

An Inspirational Psychic Healing Story

An Inspirational Psychic Healing Story

I gave a psychic reading to a friend who is studying the book, "The Way of Mastery," which is all about practicing love and forgiveness.

During the time of studying, her personal transformation has been evident through her focus of "being" love and expressing that to her family, friends and co-workers.

Last Friday night, as my friend was crossing a street, she had a moment to practice what she has been learning.

She looked up to find a car was about to hit her.

At that moment these thoughts ran through her head,

  • "Embrace this with love," and
  • "Don't let your head hit the ground."

The car hit her, she bounced five feet in the air, and when she landed, her body sprang back up without her head having hit the pavement.

The car that hit her was dented, the driver was hysterical, and my girlfriend was clear, focused and unfazed by the incident. In fact, she felt more alive and radiant than ever before.

I was amazed and in wonder of this story of creating a loving destiny--and so were the paramedics!

May each of us, in our practice of loving what is, create everyday miracles.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Relationships: Shall I Say or Go? A Psychic View

Relationships: Shall I Say or Go? A Psychic View

What about playing it "safe" in relationships—not wanting to rock the boat and come clean on things that you don't like? Are there consequences to that?

I gave a psychic reading to a woman who grew up feeling that to be loved, she had to go along with whatever was dished out to her, and that if she spoke up about her feelings, people wouldn’t like her.

This attitude sounds like kids in the playground, yet some of the initial ways we learn to survive stick around by default.

Healing lies in knowing what the heart wants and needs--then actually expressing it. In the "real" world that we are creating, speaking from the heart allows love free reign.

I now understand that people in my life love me and want me to be happy, and the knowledge of that gives me the liberty to express my heart's desires--even if what I have to say seems to encroach into their space.

When suppressed, simple give-and-take expressions become buried and turn into inner resentments that take on a life of their own and can lead to depression and separation.

For some, it takes real courage to speak up, yet by staying with our heart, we set ourselves free.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Wait for 2012 to Be Enlightened? A Psychic Reading.

Why Wait to Be Enlightened? A Psychic Reading.

What is predicted for 2012?

Simply put, the earth, our galaxy and the sun come into perfect alignment to point to the center of our universe.

Our sun and galaxy are already changing in preparation for this alignment and opening to vast, unprecedented energy.

Psychic reading of this event shows that we can prepare also, not in a doomsday sense, but from the inner core of our being.

New human beings are emerging now so that we too can align with our center core, that place of inner knowing.

From our inner spiritual core comes love, sharing and caring for ourselves and others in a spirit of cooperation vs. competition.

As we align in favor of our Higher Self and subjugate our ego self, we are gifted with extra telepathy and creativity.

We are given assurance that as we listen within and allow ourselves to be led, life achieves peace and harmony guided by Higher Self.

Our civilization is still enraptured by a barbarian instinct, and this warrior world is quarantined from acknowledged contact with more enlightened beings from other dimensions.

With inner awakening we prepare for alignment that is already available if we only call upon it. The energy is present. Let’s use it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Psychic Healing Moment is Now

The Psychic Healing Moment is Now

Every time I bring myself purely and simply to the moment being experienced, I am happy.

My life—perhaps like yours—can be busy. I do my best not to get caught up in the whirlwind that life can sometimes be.

One of my psychic spiritual practices is to allow myself to totally pay attention to what I am doing in the moment. So when life has me in its vortex, I can bring sanity to the fore with this simple method of present moment presence.

In my psychic readings I point out that one of the most effective pain relievers is not a medication but a meditation that is based in present moment awareness. To do it, one sits silently and takes in all feelings and sensations in the body, all sounds in the environment, and any mental distractions.

Then the heart of the practice is to simply be with what is—a perfect acceptance. In this state there is no reaction to pain in the body, there is oneness with it.

This is a great energy healing method also, as at-one-ness draws us into further understanding of what pain is expressing.

May each of us enjoy this now moment!