Thursday, July 29, 2010

ENERGY HEALING: Learning to Heal

ENERGY HEALING: Learning to Heal

There may be an accident that occurs in your presence, or a baby who is sick, or a part of your body that is in pain.

What can you do both immediately and continuously?

Psychic Energy Healing.

It may seem mysterious at first, but when you open to the idea that we are composed of pure energy, it may make more sense.

In a very practical way, energy healing is the most powerful healing method because of that same reason--we are composed of pure energy.

Here is how you go about using energy to heal:

  • Intention with your feelings and your will that God's universal life force energy flow through you into the person or situation that you envision.
  • If you are in a position where you can use your hands to direct energy, simply put your hands on your own body or someone else's body where healing is needed, and use your intention to allow the creative force of energy to heal.

From this simple method a powerful force is put into effect, and that force is healing love. Love is the force that heals, and by using your intention, you can direct it to whatever situation or person you choose.

There is a wonderful by-product of allowing this healing energy to flow through you for someone else's benefit--you are energized and healed also!

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