Saturday, July 17, 2010

Relationships: Shall I Say or Go? A Psychic View

Relationships: Shall I Say or Go? A Psychic View

What about playing it "safe" in relationships—not wanting to rock the boat and come clean on things that you don't like? Are there consequences to that?

I gave a psychic reading to a woman who grew up feeling that to be loved, she had to go along with whatever was dished out to her, and that if she spoke up about her feelings, people wouldn’t like her.

This attitude sounds like kids in the playground, yet some of the initial ways we learn to survive stick around by default.

Healing lies in knowing what the heart wants and needs--then actually expressing it. In the "real" world that we are creating, speaking from the heart allows love free reign.

I now understand that people in my life love me and want me to be happy, and the knowledge of that gives me the liberty to express my heart's desires--even if what I have to say seems to encroach into their space.

When suppressed, simple give-and-take expressions become buried and turn into inner resentments that take on a life of their own and can lead to depression and separation.

For some, it takes real courage to speak up, yet by staying with our heart, we set ourselves free.

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