Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Wait for 2012 to Be Enlightened? A Psychic Reading.

Why Wait to Be Enlightened? A Psychic Reading.

What is predicted for 2012?

Simply put, the earth, our galaxy and the sun come into perfect alignment to point to the center of our universe.

Our sun and galaxy are already changing in preparation for this alignment and opening to vast, unprecedented energy.

Psychic reading of this event shows that we can prepare also, not in a doomsday sense, but from the inner core of our being.

New human beings are emerging now so that we too can align with our center core, that place of inner knowing.

From our inner spiritual core comes love, sharing and caring for ourselves and others in a spirit of cooperation vs. competition.

As we align in favor of our Higher Self and subjugate our ego self, we are gifted with extra telepathy and creativity.

We are given assurance that as we listen within and allow ourselves to be led, life achieves peace and harmony guided by Higher Self.

Our civilization is still enraptured by a barbarian instinct, and this warrior world is quarantined from acknowledged contact with more enlightened beings from other dimensions.

With inner awakening we prepare for alignment that is already available if we only call upon it. The energy is present. Let’s use it!

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