Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Do I Describe Myself? A Psychic View

How Do I Describe Myself? A Psychic View

Do you ever get caught in describing your life in ways that limit you?

As I was doing a morning meditation, I felt once again that place inside of me that goes into fear--a clutching, survival-oriented place. I am familiar its origins. When I was an infant of about three months old, I began to die because of lack of care and human touch.

So today I went, once again, to comfort the small child within. From there I went into calling myself by my childhood name, and reviewed many incidents from early years.

Where did that lead me? It led me into feelings of defeat and failure--like a dead end road. I was naming all sorts of situations according to their appearance from an outside camera-type of view, even though I could not know all of the mysteries and motivations behind the scenes.

In healing from that journey it is like giving myself my own psychic reading--I realized once again that the ego weighs, measures and calculates according to patterns to be victimized, to be right, to have excuses, to project onto others. Perhaps you too are familiar with your particular patterns.

As I chose to look at life from my Spirit Self, I could see my life in a time-line where this performance of life is for my own God self to experience moment by moment realization where there is no right and wrong, but only Being in Oneness. From that overview, I know that eventually all illusions of life disappear into the great depths of the eternal om.

Limitation in this sense means hanging on to whatever way I decide to tell my story, and as I label my life, I limit my Now Moment.

I know that I wasn't created to be a spirit of fear, but an indomitable spirit of love--ever expanding love--which reflects the glory of Creation.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uh oh! Here Comes Radical Change--A Psychic Observation

Uh oh! Here Comes Radical Change—A Psychic Observation

Change can come and bite us in the butt! One moment we can be living a somewhat reliable, predictable life, and the next moment there may be BIG change. Not an every day change—a fresh wrinkle, a change of style, a new client—but a significant change that involves one or all of the big three:
  • relationship,
  • money, or
  • health.

When this kind of change happens it feels like a threat to our life existence.

Neal Donald Walsh, writer and philosopher, defines change this way:

“Change is the shifting of any circumstance, situation or condition, physical or nonphysical, in such a way that the original is rendered not merely different from what it was, but altered so radically as to make it utterly unrecognizable and impossible to return to anything resembling its former state.”

As a psychic and spiritual counselor, I connect every day with people undergoing radical change. Here are a few of the things I observe:

Those who have unfaltering faith in a Higher Power or Life Itself seem lifted up and have joy no matter the circumstances.

Those who live with their desired outcome in mind are following their own creative path and feel empowered even if things are rough.

Those who dig in and change their emotions, thoughts and even their cherished truths in order to be healed become wise and master of their own life.

There is no one “right” way to get through change. Instead, there are as many ways to change as there are people.

So if you are going through change now, look to Higher Power for faith, keep your desired outcome in mind and be willing to do whatever it takes to heal body, mind and spirit. YOU are worth it!