Friday, November 19, 2010

Is It Real or Is It My Ego? Psychic Experience

Here’s my view of psychic inner transformation:

Many times in the course of everyday life I choose to give up ego and instead go with intuition. This turning inward to listen to spirit has become my way of life.

I can usually tell when I am out of balance—something hurts! Most of the time it starts as a belief, goes into a thought, becomes an emotion—and then I have to deal with it.

Feelings can settle in my body as a heaviness. The heaviness is so obvious that until I can release it, I am constantly aware of it.

Perhaps it is an old belief that causes the thought that causes the emotion and then settles in my body. That old belief is the thing that needs to be examined. My self-examination is like bringing light to the darkness, like bringing oxygen to a place that can’t freely breathe.

I have become accustom to giving up old psychic patterns, but it still takes intentional effort to open and then to clear.

I’d like to think that this experience that I have so frequently is familiar territory to many of us, but I don’t know until I share my process.

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