Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Psychic Vision of "Play"

A Psychic Vision of “Play”

I received an email this week that included this phrase: “We are the joy of Life expressing and receiving.”

Then I pictured myself as God (whatever or however I can possibly imagine that) expressing through me. What would God find?

If I am the “joy of life,” am I living out that joy?

When I am “expressing,” what does that mean to me?

How does “receiving” happen for me?

Great ideas for me to explore! The exploration itself is an exercise in opening.

What have I come up with? A constantly evolving spirit that I call my organizing energy, which means an energy field ever charged with thought that manifests as 3-D form. Does that sound obscure? It means that my thoughts are making me up as I go!

So I am consciously giving myself permission to be a work in progress in open communication with my soul (that’s the “receiving part”). My creativity in all its aspects of writing, psychic readings, art, music and communication is my expression as my God Self.

Just for today I allow my thoughts, words and deeds to be an open field for expressing and receiving in perfect flow.

Monday, February 28, 2011

An Inspirational Healing Story

An Inspirational Healing Story

A friend and I study "The Way of Mastery," a book which is all about love, forgiveness, desire, and more love.

During this time of studying, her psychic transformation has been evident through her focus of "being" love and expressing that to her family, friends and co-workers.

Recently my friend had a moment to practice what we have been learning.

She was crossing a street and looked up to find a car was about to hit her.

At that moment she heard a loud voice in her head saying, "Embrace this with love," and "Don't let your head hit the ground."

The car hit her, she bounced five feet in the air, and when she landed, her body sprang back up without her head having hit the pavement.

The car that hit her was dented, the driver was hysterical, yet my friend was clear, focused and unfazed by the incident. In fact, she felt more alive and radiant than ever before.

I was amazed and in wonder of this story of creating a loving psychic destiny-and so were the paramedics!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Psychic View on Forgiveness

Psychic View on Forgiveness

I am in my heart and talking to myself about the callous judgment someone has against me.

What do I do about that? How do I bring myself away from retaliation, withdrawing with a grudge and wanting to strike back at that person I love so much?

I start by forgiving myself, because that is where my psychic energy is blocked.

I forgive myself for feeling each of the emotions that comes up within me—anger, sorrow, hardness--and then I forgive some more.

I recognize that my efforts toward forgiveness are based on an intention to clear my aura of emotions that could keep me from understanding on a deeper level.

I keep repeating to myself, “I forgive you.”

Eventually, I get a picture in my mind of the other person and I looking at each other and each of us pointing a finger at the other person. We are locked into a stance that says, “You hurt my feelings. You shouldn’t have done that to me.”

And then I bring my energy of forgiveness to extend to my locked-in partner in my vision. Clearer now, I am more understanding of her position and how her background would lead her to assess my words and actions in the way that she did.

I am continually in my heart, and now it feels soothed, calm and less distraught. I let go into love as my true state of being.

I have read stories of a psychiatrist in Hawaii who practiced ho’oponopono as a way of curing patients in a mental institution. In this process he forgave himself for containing the sickness the patient was suffering as his own sickness. Since we are all one unity consciousness, another’s condition can be identified within as our own.

The psychiatrist was highly successful with this forgiveness work, and news of the process and its effectiveness has been widely circulated. (See www.ho’

Forgiveness is a powerful tool that breaks down emotional walls that keep us from fully loving. I consider forgiveness unconditional love in action. When we practice unconditional love, there is present a constant forgiveness that becomes an honoring and a veneration for each soul we meet.

Ultimately, I forgive myself for being me, for being human, for having each and every one of my qualities and limitations—the total yin and yang duality of myself. And as I forgive myself, I extend that forgiveness to all others.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Psychic Flow in Time

A Psychic Flow in Time

I love this quote from the I-Ching*:

"To flow with time,
to accept life modestly as it comes,
to seek only to be sincere in one's way of life and true to oneself--
this is the way of the Tao."

I feel a certain grace when I am willing to take life as it comes to me.

And for me to be without resistance and argument to the way things obviously are playing out, means that I am in an attitude of joyful expectancy.

That doesn't happen all the time--even for a psychic.

When I am in resistance it feels crazy--like arguing with reality--and that equates to suffering. The kind of suffering that I can feel in my body when I feel stuck on my ideas of what "should be" rather than what is.

As I let go in this day to exactly what is in my world, it feels expansive--like letting go into the bigness of creative life.

May we be blessed with trust in this particular now moment!

*From "A Guide to the I Ching" by Carol Anthony

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Will I Know When I'm There? A Psychic Perspective

How Will I Know When I’m There? A Psychic Understanding

Here’s what I have come to understand.

Life is a going on.

There are times when life has changed for the “better” or the “worse,” and I wonder what’s next.

Should I change in some way to accommodate what I want, is there some attitude I could adopt that would get me there faster?

Then I come around to a psychic understanding, knowing once again that life is a going on, a way to be with all that is in a neutral way that allows energy and creativity to abound.

When I allow my attitude to be in acceptance of the moment, I can take all of life into my heart and soul and appreciate it for what it is without the judgment that constricts.

I feel that my heart constantly learns how to manage my emotions and feelings so that I can just be with life as it is and allow. That feels like unconditional love--the kind of love that allows everything and everyone around me to grow into its highest potential.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear? A Psychic View

"When you have learned how to decide with God, all decisions become as easy and as right as breathing. There is no effort, and you will be led as gently as if you were being carried down a quiet path in summer. -- A Course in Miracles

I have thought about this quote and how it applies to my everyday psychic life.

Life is all about choices, about going for our highest good. How are we to know what our highest good is?

For me, I have an inner voice in my head that gives me answers to questions whenever I think a thought. This process has been going on in me for about twenty years. That signal from Higher Self is my inner guide.

If I wonder whether it is time to eat, or walk, whether or not to go to an event, or if I should say something to someone, the answer is always there as a yes or a no. If I question what I am given, usually an explanation is given.

Of course, my ego can always get in the way if I am not in a clear state of mind!

In checking in with other people on how they receive guidance, there are similarities in the way we receive symbols. That shouldn’t be too unusual because we are all one consciousness.

I depend on internal guidance as my north star, the one who sets the moment-to-moment course, navigating through life.

So from a psychic perspective, “being led as gently as if you were being carried down a quiet path in summer” is learning to listen to the still, small voice within.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Want Support? Give It to Others.

I have a spiritual practice that I have adopted that is helping me.

It runs contrary to what we hear about every day, contrary to what mass consciousness holds as true.

My practice is this: I picture myself giving loving support to and receiving loving support from the goodness of all humanity.

I choose to psychically connect with the real loving heart of all people everywhere. I can feel this goodness. Sometimes I see it portrayed when I watch simple acts of kindness extended between people, then I usually cry because of the truth of it, that we are all loving souls

The opposite of goodness is seen everyday in our nation’s addiction to the “news.” We watch murders and mayhem of all types and accept that that is normal.

Well, it’s not.

I believe that each of us needs to claim our loving heart and extend that energy of love to all peoples everywhere. It is a simple matter of intention to choose love and live it.

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.”

May we as a loving, spiritual consciousness prevail.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make Things Happen or Allow to Unfold? A Psychic's View

There are times when I just want to plunge ahead, feeling the kind of psychic energy that sees the goal and wants to get there.

Then life happens.

Life can take the form of allowing those energies to be put to the use that I envision.

Or life can put obstacles along my path.

I had a day when I could envision not only the goal I was seeking, but exactly what I needed to do to start my projects. But, ah ha! I also had resistance within me opposing what I longed to do.

Here’s the dilemma:

Life isn’t a straight path to the goal. Along the way we are meant to learn from any inner resistance. I needed to simply be with my resistance and be patient with it in order to learn the underlying cause of it and understand whether or not it was true.

Underlying my resistance was an old pattern of belief—I am not enough. I didn’t really trust myself to get important things done that would lead to my goal.

What did I do? I gently, lovingly led myself onward, allowing for both the tasks and rest. I accepted the resistance and the pain, allowed myself to work through them until it no longer had me in its grip.

Here’s a quote from Rumi:

Your task is not to seek for love,

But to seek and find all the barriers to love

That you have against it.

The reward that I received from seeking and finding all my barriers to love was a fresh attitude that is mindful not only of where I am headed, but also tolerant of the process of removing inner obstacles and resistances with love, continually asking for God’s guidance along the way.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Psychic Hit on "Happy"

A Psychic Hit on "Happy"

I heard a talk the other day about being happy. Happy people don't always believe what their thoughts portray as true.

That made sense to me because as a psychic I have learned to listen to my thoughts and put them through my own personal victim detector.

Basically, if the thought hurts, stings, or is judgmental, it is questionable.

I learned from "The Work" that Byron Katie popularized in "Loving What Is" that if there is a conflict, it may be because of judgment rather than absolute love. One way to question our thoughts is to say, "Is it true?" "Is it really true?"

So if I am living with someone--which I am--and I think that I am victimized in any way, I ask myself, "Is it true?" "Is it really true?"

I can assure you that I have discarded a lot of stinkin' thinkin' in this way, and my filter for victim attitudes protects me and those I love from being at blame from misguided thoughts.

What I really want to pass on is this: If those thoughts hurt, sting or are judgmental, give them the question, "Is it really true?"