Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make Things Happen or Allow to Unfold? A Psychic's View

There are times when I just want to plunge ahead, feeling the kind of psychic energy that sees the goal and wants to get there.

Then life happens.

Life can take the form of allowing those energies to be put to the use that I envision.

Or life can put obstacles along my path.

I had a day when I could envision not only the goal I was seeking, but exactly what I needed to do to start my projects. But, ah ha! I also had resistance within me opposing what I longed to do.

Here’s the dilemma:

Life isn’t a straight path to the goal. Along the way we are meant to learn from any inner resistance. I needed to simply be with my resistance and be patient with it in order to learn the underlying cause of it and understand whether or not it was true.

Underlying my resistance was an old pattern of belief—I am not enough. I didn’t really trust myself to get important things done that would lead to my goal.

What did I do? I gently, lovingly led myself onward, allowing for both the tasks and rest. I accepted the resistance and the pain, allowed myself to work through them until it no longer had me in its grip.

Here’s a quote from Rumi:

Your task is not to seek for love,

But to seek and find all the barriers to love

That you have against it.

The reward that I received from seeking and finding all my barriers to love was a fresh attitude that is mindful not only of where I am headed, but also tolerant of the process of removing inner obstacles and resistances with love, continually asking for God’s guidance along the way.

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