Monday, January 17, 2011

A Psychic Hit on "Happy"

A Psychic Hit on "Happy"

I heard a talk the other day about being happy. Happy people don't always believe what their thoughts portray as true.

That made sense to me because as a psychic I have learned to listen to my thoughts and put them through my own personal victim detector.

Basically, if the thought hurts, stings, or is judgmental, it is questionable.

I learned from "The Work" that Byron Katie popularized in "Loving What Is" that if there is a conflict, it may be because of judgment rather than absolute love. One way to question our thoughts is to say, "Is it true?" "Is it really true?"

So if I am living with someone--which I am--and I think that I am victimized in any way, I ask myself, "Is it true?" "Is it really true?"

I can assure you that I have discarded a lot of stinkin' thinkin' in this way, and my filter for victim attitudes protects me and those I love from being at blame from misguided thoughts.

What I really want to pass on is this: If those thoughts hurt, sting or are judgmental, give them the question, "Is it really true?"

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