Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Will I Know When I'm There? A Psychic Perspective

How Will I Know When I’m There? A Psychic Understanding

Here’s what I have come to understand.

Life is a going on.

There are times when life has changed for the “better” or the “worse,” and I wonder what’s next.

Should I change in some way to accommodate what I want, is there some attitude I could adopt that would get me there faster?

Then I come around to a psychic understanding, knowing once again that life is a going on, a way to be with all that is in a neutral way that allows energy and creativity to abound.

When I allow my attitude to be in acceptance of the moment, I can take all of life into my heart and soul and appreciate it for what it is without the judgment that constricts.

I feel that my heart constantly learns how to manage my emotions and feelings so that I can just be with life as it is and allow. That feels like unconditional love--the kind of love that allows everything and everyone around me to grow into its highest potential.

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