Saturday, February 26, 2011

Psychic View on Forgiveness

Psychic View on Forgiveness

I am in my heart and talking to myself about the callous judgment someone has against me.

What do I do about that? How do I bring myself away from retaliation, withdrawing with a grudge and wanting to strike back at that person I love so much?

I start by forgiving myself, because that is where my psychic energy is blocked.

I forgive myself for feeling each of the emotions that comes up within me—anger, sorrow, hardness--and then I forgive some more.

I recognize that my efforts toward forgiveness are based on an intention to clear my aura of emotions that could keep me from understanding on a deeper level.

I keep repeating to myself, “I forgive you.”

Eventually, I get a picture in my mind of the other person and I looking at each other and each of us pointing a finger at the other person. We are locked into a stance that says, “You hurt my feelings. You shouldn’t have done that to me.”

And then I bring my energy of forgiveness to extend to my locked-in partner in my vision. Clearer now, I am more understanding of her position and how her background would lead her to assess my words and actions in the way that she did.

I am continually in my heart, and now it feels soothed, calm and less distraught. I let go into love as my true state of being.

I have read stories of a psychiatrist in Hawaii who practiced ho’oponopono as a way of curing patients in a mental institution. In this process he forgave himself for containing the sickness the patient was suffering as his own sickness. Since we are all one unity consciousness, another’s condition can be identified within as our own.

The psychiatrist was highly successful with this forgiveness work, and news of the process and its effectiveness has been widely circulated. (See www.ho’

Forgiveness is a powerful tool that breaks down emotional walls that keep us from fully loving. I consider forgiveness unconditional love in action. When we practice unconditional love, there is present a constant forgiveness that becomes an honoring and a veneration for each soul we meet.

Ultimately, I forgive myself for being me, for being human, for having each and every one of my qualities and limitations—the total yin and yang duality of myself. And as I forgive myself, I extend that forgiveness to all others.

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