Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Psychic Vision of "Play"

A Psychic Vision of “Play”

I received an email this week that included this phrase: “We are the joy of Life expressing and receiving.”

Then I pictured myself as God (whatever or however I can possibly imagine that) expressing through me. What would God find?

If I am the “joy of life,” am I living out that joy?

When I am “expressing,” what does that mean to me?

How does “receiving” happen for me?

Great ideas for me to explore! The exploration itself is an exercise in opening.

What have I come up with? A constantly evolving spirit that I call my organizing energy, which means an energy field ever charged with thought that manifests as 3-D form. Does that sound obscure? It means that my thoughts are making me up as I go!

So I am consciously giving myself permission to be a work in progress in open communication with my soul (that’s the “receiving part”). My creativity in all its aspects of writing, psychic readings, art, music and communication is my expression as my God Self.

Just for today I allow my thoughts, words and deeds to be an open field for expressing and receiving in perfect flow.